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Andrés Iniesta’s worst game: his cryptocurrency campaign damages his image worldwide

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Andres Iniesta (Fuentealbilla, Albacete, 1984) always had the affection of the Spanish fan. His personality, his great quality on the field of play and his appearance of a normal person despite his astronomical projection made him the player loved by all. It did not matter his connection to the Barcelona Soccer Club and his jump to Japan did not matter. The hero of South Africa World Cup he was touched by the wand of understanding and respect. A miracle for any public face that has ended up with an advertising campaign. The Albacete, away from the spotlight since he signed for the Vissel Kobe, has become the center of criticism for promoting cryptocurrencies.

The 37-year-old player posted an advertising message on social media. “I’m learning how to get started with cryptocurrencies“He wrote in a message announcing the company. Apparently it could be one more tweet for the player. A new campaign to receive a booming income from these investments. However, what Andrés Iniesta may not have calculated it would be the rejection of so many followers in Spain. Furthermore, the fact that an official body such as the CNMV warned him, they left the former Barça player in a very delicate situation.

The message was published in the first peninsular hour. Currently accumulates more than 3,000 responses, some of them with criticism, others with jokes and others with advertising from other companies specializing in investing in cryptocurrencies. But the most important is that of the CNMV, the National Securities Market Commission, which is in charge of “monitor and inspect markets of Spanish securities and the activity of all those involved in them “, as defined by the entity itself.

“Crypto assets, being unregulated products, have some relevant risks,” they warned from the CNMV while recalling an official statement last February. In addition, they asked the player “to inform themselves thoroughly before investing in them or recommending others to do so.” Said communiqué defined these investments as “a bet of high risk” for his “extreme volatility, complexity and lack of transparency “and highlighted the lack of regulation in the EU to provide “guarantees and protection similar to those applicable to financial products.”

Nevertheless, Andrés Iniesta has not modified his position. The business is still intact, at least as seen on social media. The Vissel Kobe player published this tweet on November 24 and has not deleted it despite the controversy generated. Iniesta, with an image somewhat touched by this conflict, has not spoken days later either.

What began as a simple act of publicity has ended with the player starring in all the headlines of the national press and even media such as him. Financial Times. The veteran-looking boy who even went viral for the advertising of an ice cream brand has gone from hero to villain for part of his Spanish audience in a few weeks. Its immersion in cryptocurrencies, taking into account the great wealth generated in recent years, also reflects the growth of the sector.

Iniesta, a king in Japan

The Spanish player left Fútbol Club Barcelona last 2018 in a farewell marked by tears. Then, the one from Albacete began a very different journey in the Japanese Vissel Kobe. A signing that, in addition to representing a change in his sports career, was also going to serve to boost his private businesses. The one of FuentealbillaIt should be remembered that it has managed to make its wines enter the Japanese market through the front door.

Iniesta also signed new advertising contracts in 2018, including Asics after leaving Nike. And, in addition, it added them to other agreements with the automotive brand Nissan. An entire empire of contracts that helped meet his new goals. In 2021, in fact, he signed his renewal until 2023 celebrating his great stay in Japan. “We feel at home,” he acknowledged about family stability.

The true reflection of how well Andrés Iniesta is doing in Japan, without forgetting the injury problem that has affected him in recent times, is his presence on the list Forbes. In 2020 he entered among the 100 great fortunes of Spain with about 70 million euros. And in 2021, the prestigious magazine pointed him out as the only Spanish among the 50 athletes that received the most during the year thanks to 34 million dollars.

Andres Iniesta with Vissel Kobe


A figure that left him in the last positions of those 50, but that was enough for him to be the only Spanish athlete present. A more than important fact is that of that amount, about 90% comes from its contract with Vissel Kobe, close to 30 million euros per season played. A wealth within the reach of few.

Hiroshi Mikitani, owner of the club and leader of Rakuten, is the key to this jump. The South African striker, the most beloved player in recent times in Spain, has an idyllic relationship with the tycoon. In fact, the company made a documentary about his life and Mikitani agreed to support the production of Iniesta’s wines in Japan. His arrival triggered sales, the Japanese awards for his ‘broth’ have been piling up and Iniesta has reinforced his image as a promoter of the products of his land. For this reason, the promotion of cryptocurrencies has surprised and affected an image until now intact.

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