Tuesday, August 16

National Geographic Dialogue: “How Our Brain Manages Changes and Uncertainty”

David Good He is a doctor in Biology and director of the UB-EDU1ST Neuroeducation Chair at the University of Barcelona. He is a professor, has published about 70 articles in scientific journals and is the author of a score of essay and popularization books. Just edited The art of persisting (RBA), a trip inside the brain to learn to manage change and uncertainty. Focused on the current moment and in a context known to all -the Covid-19 pandemic- David Bueno analyzes in this dialogue with National Geographic the key concepts that he explains in the book, but he does it live, in a stimulating talk that puts light on many issues that concern us: How does our brain react to the unexpected? Why can we react with curiosity but also with fear? What happens when fear takes hold of us? What are the dangers of fear being social? Is it possible to learn to better manage our emotions, what practices can help us? In this NG Dialogue, this neuroscientist brings to the table both scientific knowledge and practical recommendations, thus resulting in an agile and very useful conversation today.


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