Sunday, August 14

Renfe puts Manel Villalante in charge of its new Czech subsidiary

Renfe now officially owns 50% of the Czech railway company Leo Express, and Manel Villalante, your new president. The Spanish operator thus puts the finishing touch on an operation announced last August and for which the cost has not transcended due to having signed a confidentiality agreement. What is known is that the agreement has the approval of the Ministry of Finance and that it is part of the internationalization process of the Spanish operator.

As part of the landing in the capital of the Czech company, Renfe has appointed its general director of development and strategy, Manel Villalante, president, who will combine the new position with his current position. Before coming to Renfe, this Catalan engineer had held management positions at the Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Public Works, having also passed through Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) and the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat ( FGC), among others.

From this Thursday, Villalante will also become the president of the board of directors of Leo Express, in whose first meeting he has appointed the Czech Leos Novotny as his vice president. The operation also implies that the general director of Renfe Viajeros, Sonia Araujo, and the company’s economic and financial director general, Teresa Torres placeholder image.

Access to more contests

“The acquisition of 50% of the capital of Leo Express constitutes a strategic business opportunity for Renfe, taking into account that it allows it to have activity in three more European countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland)”, explains the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda in a statement. In turn, it also enables them to “have the resources and licenses to access the German market.”

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Specifically, the department adds, the operation simplifies the process to qualify for certain tenders in these four countries. In them, local implantation, experience, equipment or having references are usually essential factors to enter competitions of this style.

“In addition, the implantation of Renfe in Central and Eastern Europe could have a drag effect, facilitating the growth of the international activity of other Spanish companies, especially those related to the railway industry”, concludes the text.

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