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An Eden near Barcelona: this is Paradís del Mar

Montgat it is a municipality in full transformation. The beach and the attractions of a Mediterranean coastal town, in addition to the 15-minute journey that separates it from Barcelona, make it an attractive bet for live away from the chaos and stress of the city, but close enough to get to it without problems. One of the objectives of the municipality council is leave your industrial past behind, which for some years made it one of the most polluting urban centers, and undertake a urban transformation that unites the municipality and its maritime front.

One of the samples of this transformation is Paradise of the Sea, a project that will change what is currently part of the Montgat industrial area, very close to the beach, in a residential and tourist area. Specifically, the action will involve the construction of 122 homes and an investment on the ground that will contribute to the transformation process of this area of ​​Montgat. The Arnó Jager street it will widen, it has become a new roundabout to distribute traffic and in the Ramón y Cajal street a public park will be built that will be integrated into the project of a pedestrian zone.

Jordi Torrent & Cia

One of the fundamental roles of the project will be the intervention of Jordi Torrent, artist and justice of the peace of the municipality, who together with his team will carry out a performance in some buildings around Paradís del Mar.

First, a colometry study to analyze which colors are best suited to the neighborhood due to its surroundings, location and proximity to the sea; too the facades will be cleaned up to fix cracks and defects, to finally paint them with flat colors of silicone materials, which taking into account the high level of saltpeter in the sea and the humidity of the area, will resist better.

A sustainable Eden in Montgat

Paradís del Mar is an Eden from which you can wake up with some delicious sea views. The residential development is located very close from the beaches of Montgat. The houses have spacious balconies and their interior is illuminated with lots of natural light. No matter where you are on the floor, you don’t have to turn on the light during the day. The houses have between 1 and 4 bedrooms and the upper floors have penthouses with large terraces to enjoy the views offered by the Maresme coast and Barcelona. The complex also has swimming pool, solarium, community terraces and large gardens with a playground.

Paradise of the Sea has been built with sustainability and efficiency criteria. In the coming decades, the world will change. The electric mobility and non-polluting means of transport will be the protagonists of the circulation in the municipalities, the renewable energy will replace fossils and recycling It will be the way to manage waste. Homes must adapt to these changes and Paradís del Mar has many advances:

  • Large green areas

  • Aerothermal and underfloor heating

  • Parking with chargers for electric cars

  • Water recycling

  • Garbage recycling

  • Bicycle parking

A town with life and services

Living in Montgat is a unique opportunity. In the village there are life all year round. An example is its multiple traditional festivals and fairs. The town has major festivals in Saint George and Saint John. In July, and coinciding with the feast of the Virgin of Carmen, the “Party facing the sea”, a procession in which the fishermen’s brotherhoods carry the image of the Virgin by sea and take it to the church of San Juan.

September 10 commemorates the landing of the Hague Alliance in 1705. That night the event is recreated with a performance at the beach of the boats and a concert is held as the end of the party. This celebration is also accompanied by a vintage fair in the Moreras beach.

Beyond the parties, Montgat also has a wide gastronomic and commercial offer, in addition to educational and health services. All this is complemented, thanks to its proximity, with the services offered by Barcelona or Badalona.

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