Tuesday, August 16

Companies have to rethink all their processes to digitize

The current situation of the digitization of SMEs to adapt to the new reality is not an option, but a necessity. For José Manuel Casas, general director of Telefónica in Catalunya, “there are no longer excuses for not doing it. Being more competitive, agile, profitable and, above all, not losing market are just some of the advantages that digitization can bring to companies of all sizes and sectors of activity ”. And not doing so could mean the disappearance of many companies and serious damage to the country’s productive fabric.

What is the current situation of the digitization of SMEs?

SMEs have to step forward digitally to adapt to the new reality and survive. And when we talk about digitization: a neighborhood restaurant that has started serving meals over the internet is already an example of digitization.

What are the main benefits for SMEs?

With a good digital transformation, the productivity of companies should increase between 15% and 25%. Digitization is not only important in the areas of sales or customer service; digital tools have reached the internal operations of companies with the aim of automating management. Companies have to do a deep reflection and rethink the processes, the market, the customers and their products and integrate the digitization processes in the entire business. And it must be the CEO of the company himself who leads the transformation process.

Are you ready to take the leap?

These days Telefónica has presented its proposal for the digitization of all types of SMEs with a catalog of more than 40 IT solutions so that they can take advantage of digitization, grow and be more productive. In this way, it makes available to these companies, whether they are customers or not, solutions that until now were only used by large companies.

If digitization is not adopted in time, what repercussions could it have for the Spanish business fabric?

Spain is a country of SMEs; 99% of its business fabric is made up of companies with less than 250 employees that generate 65% of employment and 61.4% of gross added value, so it is time to become a country of more efficient SMEs and productive.

What role can public-private cooperation play?

It is a must. In this sense, Next Generation funds are a great opportunity for SMEs, and through partners such as Telefónica with a specific offer for them, they can better address the digital transformation process that large companies have previously undertaken.


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