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Deloitte hired 3,000 professionals in its last fiscal year

The professional services firm Deloitte invoiced 890.4 million in fiscal year 2021, which ended last May, which means 2.9% more compared to the previous period, as it has registered growth in all business lines. The firm has indicated in a statement that it has experienced continuous business growth in the last ten years and, in parallel, you have doubled the size of your template with the hiring of 5,000 people in that period to exceed 10,000 current professionals.

Of those 5,000 workers, Deloitte hired 3,000 professionals in fiscal year 2021, at the same time, it increased the salaries and bonuses of its professionals during the pandemic, with the aim of responding to the most complex challenges facing companies.

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The firm has explained in a statement that it also promoted more than 300 professionals in the managerial categories, of which almost 40% are women. “In spite of the crisis and of the uncertainty generated by pandemicWe have continued to create jobs during the last year and we have managed to grow all of our business lines during the last fiscal year. Thanks to our values, the effort and enormous commitment of our professionals and the trust of our clients, we have been able to continue developing our services with the highest quality “, said the president of Deloitte, Fernando Ruiz.

The managing partner and next president of Deloitte, Héctor Flórez, has added that his commitment to the talent it is “maximum” because only in this way will they be able to respond to the challenges their customers have, which are becoming more and more complex. To solve the challenges derived from an environment in continuous change, the firm continues to advance in services related to business transformation relying on the technology and betting on areas like cybersecurity and exponential technologies such as ‘cloud computing’, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

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