Sunday, August 14

Ikea regulates teleworking: 3 days a week at home and 30 euros a month plus

  • The management of the multinational furniture company reaches an agreement with the union majority and part of its 9,148 employees in Spain will be able to take advantage of the remote work modality

Ikea and the unions with majority representation have reached an agreement to regulate the telecommuting at its centers in Spain. Part of the 9,148 workers employed by the multinational of Swedish origin will be able to work remotely up to three days a week and, to compensate the derived expenses, they will charge a bonus of 30 euros gross per month (about 27.5 euros net). This is confirmed by both company and union sources, who order remote work after the initial experience during the pandemic. The regulation of remote exercise, one year after the approval of the new teleworking law, is a pending task in Spain and only 3% of workers are covered by an agreement in this regard.

The new teleworking agreement will enter into force next January 1, 2022 and the company still does not have an estimate of how many workers in its workforce will be able to take advantage of this modality. Taking into account that profiles such as salespeople, designers or telephone assistance and online sales assistance fit perfectly (as is the case in the Valladolid or Oviedo centers); while warehouse operators will find it difficult to adhere. Ikea must provide those who come to exercise remotely, in addition to those 30 euros per month, a computer, a mouse, keyboard and ergonomic chair; in addition to a table, a flexo and a footrest.

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The expense compensation bonus has been one of the cornerstones of the negotiation. Finally, the agreement has been closed with an extra contribution of 30 euros per month, as long as the worker has occupied at least 30% of his working hours remotely. And with the obligation to have a router system that ensures the correct connection, to avoid losing work hours due to internet interruptions. Here unions such as CCOO, in the minority in Ikea’s inter-center committee, have claimed (without success) to include an automatic review clause of this amount based on the evolution of the CPI. So that workers do not see this compensation diminish in purchasing power.

The compensatory bonus of 30 euros per month is within the low range of the bonuses that are currently being agreed on in the Spanish labor market. In the banking agreement, for example, that payment amounted to 50 gross euros per month.

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