Tuesday, August 16

Murcia will no longer charge inheritance tax for brothers, uncles and nephews

The Murcian Government will expand the elimination of gift tax also to third-degree relatives (between brothers, uncles and nephews) with the aim of going “one step further” in reducing taxes on citizens. A decision that the president of the Croem, José María Albarracín, had asked the Community in mid-October, after the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, opened Pandora’s box last September, by announcing the elimination of all regional taxes in a region where neither inheritance nor tax is paid. Heritage.

The president has advanced it this Friday, Fernando López Miras, in statements to journalists before participating in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Salzillo Museum, and has indicated that this is one of the fiscal novelties linked to the budgets for 2022, the draft of which was approved yesterday by the Governing Council.

The accounts, he said, are those that “the Region of Murcia needs” to face the coronavirus pandemic, both in the health and economic and social aspects, and the reduction of taxes will continue to be “a decided bet” of the Executive for this.

Miras has pointed out that in the three years that have passed since the inheritance and donation tax for first and second degree relatives was eliminated Murcians have saved about a billion euros for this concept.

On the other hand, he has referred to the petition approved yesterday in the Regional Assembly so that Congress returns the text of the new autonomy statute and the amendments proposed by PSOE and Ciudadanos are not included in it.

Miras has remembered that it is a situation that has occurred before in other autonomous communities, as in Castilla-La Mancha in 2010 and, previously, in Castilla y León and in the Canary Islands, so it is a “normal” option and provided for in the law that has been allowed on various occasions and does not give that possibility to the Region Murcia would be “illegal”.

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Regarding the decision of the European Commission to bring Spain to the Court of Justice of the European Union for the excessive use of nitrates that pollute the waters, Miras stressed that Spain was already warned about this matter in 2018 and “has not done its homework”Therefore, it must take measures “urgently” and avoid “further delays” in protecting the environment.

Finally, he referred to the participation of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, this Sunday at the regional congress of the PSRM-PSOE and he has indicated that he would like to hear from his mouth commitments to shield the Tajo-Segura transfer, reform the regional financing system, promote the arrival of the AVE or finance the north and northwest arches and the third lane of the A7, but, he has regretted , don’t expect that to happen.


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