Tuesday, August 16

Nissan and the clock

“I don’t know who or who this will end with, but it will end well.” It is the statement of one of the parties involved in the reindustrialization of the facilities of Nissan. Awaiting the decision of the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM), which has wrapped in the uncertainty the future of the area, which the 1,600 workers directly affected live with logical concern, time passes relentlessly. The factories, which the company announced in May last year that they would close, will definitely lower the blind on December 31 and a solution must be found.

Administrations do wrong to enter into fights, as has happened when the alternative to GWM -plan B is included in case the Chinese proposal fails- the incorporation of a company dedicated to the maintenance of military armored vehicles, Tess Defence. The Catalan Executive, represented by the Department of Business that heads Roger Torrent, has put the cry in the sky.

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The idea of ​​plan B is to give greater prominence to the collective project of the electromobility hub, led by QEV Technologies, and in which the producer of electric motorcycles also participates Silence. The leak about the incorporation of a company related to the military world, put on the table by the Ministry of Industry, has been an unpleasant surprise for the Generalitat and has already been rejected. And this Friday the Australian real estate agency Goodman also entered the scene in this kind of auction, with which it could be the protagonist of a plan C.

Although the Chinese option remains the priority, it seems to be fading as the hours go by. It will soon be seen if it prospers or not. The clock is ticking and a solution must be found to end the anguish of the workers and the loss of industry in Catalonia. Therefore, it is better that there are options that do not exist, but with a basic principle: prioritize the most industrial and generous with employment.


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