Tuesday, August 16

PepsiCo board of directors Belén Moreu, new president of Esade Alumni

Relay at the head of Esade Alumni. The alumni association of this business school has appointed Belén Moreu as its new president. Thus, PepsiCo’s director of human resources for Southwest Europe takes the reins left by her predecessor, Maite Barrera. The latter has held the position for four years, consolidating, as explained by the institution this Friday in a statement, the commitment to “social impact and business progress” of the association.

According to this same text, Barrera’s legacy, which will continue as a member of the Esade Board of Trustees, is to have strengthened the connection of Esade Alumni with society and to have strengthened the reach of its network by creating new communities dedicated, for example, to empowerment. feminine.

The goal is for Moreu, the new president, to maintain the course set by her predecessor. “We will continue working so that Esade Alumni inspires, energizes and facilitates the professional and personal development of the alumni -has expressed this directive-, as well as their active participation and contribution of mutual value and the development of initiatives that have a positive impact on society “.

To achieve this, who from now on will be the association’s highest representative has committed to keeping the network active and connected on a global scale.

Between Danone and PepsiCo

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With a degree in political science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an MBA from Esade, Moreu has developed her career mainly between Danone and PepsiCo. He was in the first of these two groups for ten years, and in the second he has been for another thirteen. At PepsiCo he has held various positions of responsibility in the human resources field, both in Barcelona and in Paris.

Beyond the corporate world, this board of directors has also passed through the classrooms of this business school, where she served as an associate professor for six years and where, since 2019, she is part of the board of directors of the association that she now presides over.


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