Sunday, August 14

Repsol has positive prospects for next year

Oil prices rose on Friday after OPEC + said it could review its policy of increasing production if demand collapsed. Within this trend of maintaining oil production by OPEC +, according to Araceli de Frutos, by Araceli de Frutos EAFI, oil could remain in the range of between 70 and 85 dollars, which will be positive for energy companies, including Repsol.

Regarding the Spanish oil company and looking at another energy company such as Iberdrola, we must take into account the positive points that are the focus on renewable energies, they are companies that in their plans include a commitment to cleaner energies, which means that they will benefit of a positive fiscal policy in Europe and, in turn, they are companies that maintain the dividend, which also works in favor of investors, “is another attraction to take into account, Iberdrola and Repsol have positive perspectives for the year that comes”.

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