Sunday, August 14

Sorigué and Rubau create a joint subsidiary to pave roads

I step in front of Sorigué to grow in the Girona market. Hand in hand with Rubau, a company based in the province and operating in the concession and construction sector, the group has launched a new company that will be dedicated to the paving of roads and the production of pavements (the necessary material to do it) especially in Girona. This joint subsidiary, 50% with Rubau, will be called Neovia and will have its own plant in Calonge.

“Neovia was born from the commitment of Sorigué and Rubau to offer the highest quality agglomerate and asphalt production services, backed by the trajectory of more than six decades of both companies, recognized in the construction sector”, say the companies it’s a statement. Beyond that, Sorigué also pursues equal the weight it has as a company in the other Catalan demarcations.

This is a business group founded in Lleida that works in the water technology and engineering, services, construction and materials sectors. Rubau is, for its part, a multinational that carries out its activity in the field of infrastructures, especially dedicating itself to the construction, concession, conservation and maintenance of both civil works and buildings.

Supply and maintenance

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The idea of ​​both is that Neovia has a bit of both parts. Thus, the objective is to dedicate itself, on the one hand, to the manufacture and commercialization of hot and cold asphalt agglomerates (in addition to emulsions and mixtures of all kinds); on the other, to the supply, to the commissioning and to the application of these agglomerates, and that, in addition, it can also carry out conservation and maintenance services for roads, highways, tracks, pipelines and all kinds of infrastructures and constructions.

“The name projects and combines the innovative spirit of this new company, aware of and connected with its surroundings and that integrates environmental problems at the center of its proposal, with a clear, modern and direct reference to its activity”, it is added in the notice. The brand identity has been made by a third company called Summa Branding.

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