Tuesday, August 16

The MCH fund converts the old Uriach business division into Noucor

The Uriach division that MCH bought in September will now operate as Noucor. This is the name of the company through which This Spanish investment fund will supply other businesses in the pharmaceutical sector. The company, which inherits the operations of the Catalan group, was born with sales closed in more than 100 countries and three work plants.

“Noucor has a fine chemical plant (Urquimica), a pharmaceutical plant and a plant for food supplements, which allows it to offer operational excellence, agility in execution and cost efficiency,” MCH explained in a statement this Friday. His value proposition, the text continues, “enhances his role as partner strategic trust in the health ecosystem. “The keys, they advance, will be a constant commitment to innovation and development and the capacity to respond.

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Once established in the markets in which it already operates, the objective of this new company will be to expand into markets such as Japan, China or the United States.

The firm will be based in Barcelona and will be chaired by David Perdigó, who until the time of the purchase was the director of the B2B area (Business to business) of Uriach. Noucor plans to close this year with a business volume of 80 million euros.


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