Saturday, August 13

The unions call off the Unicaja strike after the negotiation

  • The workers’ representatives have approached positions with the bank

The unions present in the negotiation of dismissal and collective transfer that Unicaja Banco intends to carry out –Which would affect 1,513 people- and the entity continues negotiating at dawn and approaches positions, a fact that has motivated the centrals call off the strike scheduled for today Friday 3.

The unions have announced, after midnight, that they are calling off the strike scheduled for this Friday, December 3, due to the “advances” that occurred with Unicaja in the last hours of the last day on which the period to reach an agreement ends, both parties talking in dialogue. the limit of negotiation. The centrals are at 2:30 in the morning of Friday studying the latest proposal of the company, which seems to be one of the last assets and accumulates more than 10 hours -including breaks to assess the offers of both parties- immersed in a negotiation against the clock with Unicaja Banco.

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The last few days have been hectic for both parties, who, during marathon days that lasted until dawn, tried to reach an agreement that would satisfy the needs of the workforce, as requested by the unions, and the wishes of the entity, as intended by the management. During this week there have been three long meetings, a national strike called by the unions and seconded by 91% of the workforce -according to the centrals- and concentrations in multiple locations such as Malaga, Madrid, León, Granada, Almería or Santander, among other cities, last Thursday.

Unicaja intends to close 395 offices and terminate almost 2,700 employees given that to the 1,513 dismissals contemplated in the ERE there are added some 1,200 early retirements, 730 that were on leave of absence in Liberbank and 437 of the old Unicaja Bank with which an agreement has been reached. This ERE negotiation is taking place after the fusion from Unicaja Banco and Liberbank, which led to the creation of the fifth bank in the country, with a current volume of assets close to 110,000 million, more than 4.5 million clients and approximately 1,400 branches. Last Thursday 3 was one month since the start of the formal period of negotiation of the Employment Regulation File (ERE), a phase that could only be available for 30 days, which has caused this last day to be delayed in time and that it does not end until well into the early hours of Friday.

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