Tuesday, August 16

Tesla’s Cybertruck will have four motors and two steer axles

  • The 100% electric pick-up will mount a propeller on each wheel and the steering will be independent on each of the axles.

  • The company will reveal specific details and pricing in the 2021 results presentation next January.

Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, has revealed via Twitter that its particular pick-up presented as a prototype two years ago, the Cybertuck, will hit the market with four electric motors and with independent steering for the front and rear axles. Adding directional movement to the rear axle will allow the Cybertruck move transversely, while the version with four engines will have one motor on each wheel vehicle.

To the question of a user of Tesla on Twitter about the inability to configure the motorization of the Cybertruck on the website of TeslaMusk responded that “initial production will be with the four-motor variant, with ultra-fast, independent torque control for each wheel.”

Musk has pointed out that this futuristic pick-up “will have front and rear steering and will be able to move diagonally like a crab.” The company is expected to provide more information on production and prices when Tesla present financial results for 2021.

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Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to begins to be produced next year, although the project has suffered several delays, which has allowed other manufacturers to start selling electric pick-ups. General Motors is selling the GMC Hummer, which can move diagonally like a crab and Rivian the model R1T, that will be able to spin like a tank, with the wheels on one side locked and the wheels on the other in motion.

In October, Tesla removed the specifications and prices of the Cybertruck, as well as the possibility of requesting an order


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