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PharmaMar at annual lows and with no immediate solution to its falls

PharmaMar continues to lose market positions. Fall after fall, so that, in the last five consecutive sessions, they have dominated losses that reach a total of 9.8% nothing less for the value. A sum and continues in its descents while the last bass player who bets short against their raises, AHL Partners, since last day 2, increases its presence on the company to 0.70% of its capital.

In fact, in its stock chart we see that PharmaMar, is placed at its lowest levels of the year, with the danger of continuing to lose positions without the experts seeing a bottom for the value. Although there are also those who see a buying opportunity for these falls. In fact, the Reuters consensus still gives you, Given its strong setbacks, a potential of 53%.

To José Lizan, Quadriga AM Retro Magnum sicav Manager in statements to Investment Strategies, andhe value had generated many expectations, around the agreement with Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the main partner of the Spanish. The analyst explains that only with that agreement at 60 euros per share it is already compensated. An agreement that he considers transformational and adds value to the company.

Now we will have to see how it develops in the future and if it manages to grow, but “we believe that PharmaMar below 60 euros is more a purchase than a sale”, it is true that it presented disappointing accounts, which were somewhat below than expected, “but we do believe that it is an opportunity and that it is well positioned to continue growing; more than getting nervous is a time to get on the bandwagon “, says Lizán.

In its quotation graph we see how, in addition to those falls that border on the double digit in the last 5 trading sessions, the evolution of the value throws, in the previous 20, a decline of more than 14% in the market, while, from highs, it retreats a 55% for which it is, right now, the fourth worst annual value of the Ibex after Siemens Gamesa, Grifols and Solaria with cuts of no less than 25.2%

PharmaMar annual share price

PharmaMar “consolidates under its 40-period simple moving average or medium term, as well as the support zone, now resistance, projected from 68.50 / 66.26 euros per share, in a weakened environment and without interest from market participants. In this way, sales update bearish targets towards the area covered around 48.64 euros per share “, as indicated the technical expert of Investment Strategies, José Antonio González.

PharmaMar on daily chart with mean amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

PharmaMar technical analysis of the value

While the premium technical indicators prepared by Investment Strategies highlight that PharmaMar is, together with Grifols, and the worst value per technician on the Ibex. In bearish mode and downgraded by two points, it barely achieves 1 total point of the 10 possible for the value, with the volatility of the security, measured in terms of its range of amplitude, decreasing for the security.

The rest, in negative, with a downward trend in both aspects, both in the medium and long term, total, slow and fast negative moment for PharmaMar and the business volume that is decreasing in the medium and also in the long term for the value.

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