Sunday, August 14

The brilliant preview of “Across the Spider-Verse” brings us back to the animated Spider-Man in the sequel to ‘A New Universe’

Two and a half minutes to work up an appetite. Although they will still have to wait almost a year, until October 2022, to enjoy the entire film, fans of the Marvel universe have just received a preview of what it will be like Return of the Spider-Man by Miles Morales. Sony has published on its YouTube channel a trailer for “Across the Spider-Verse”, a sequel to “Spider-Man: A New Universe.”

The advance, marked by rhythm, speed, and sometimes with a colorful aesthetic and even psychedelic touches, advances the return of another character in the saga: Spider-Gwen.

The trailer actually starts with the return of Spider-Gwen to the universe of Miles Morales. Leave a brief dialogue between both characters and show a new Spider-Man, apparently the 2099 version. Waiting for the plot to unfold or for Sony to launch new trailers with more information, the sequences, fast, advance in any case that the production company has opted to maintain the aesthetics and philosophy of his successful “Spider-Man: A New Universe”.

The film’s script is the work of Phil Lord, Christopher Miller (‘The LEGO Movie’) and David Callaham. In front of the management, Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers (“Soul”) y Justin K. Thompson.

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