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Argentine band Babasónicos launches collectible tokens for “The left of the night”

Key facts:
  • Those who purchase the NFTs will receive their physical version in silkscreen.

  • Collectibles are sold for Ether, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency.

The Argentine band Babasónicos launched a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) that bears the same name as their last single released in October: “The left of the night”. This musical work marks the return of the group after three years in silence.

The announcement was made through Twitter, where they indicated that the collectibles are being auctioned on the Enigma.art platform, based on the Ethereum network.

The digital collection is headed by the NFT «Original mode», which shows a characteristic logo of the band with movement and in red. The group describes this as “the fluid vision of the song, with spontaneous contributions, being the first approach to the complex narrative plot.”

That collectible token is being sold for 0.12 ETH which is about $ 517 at the current market price, according to the CriptoNoticias price index.

BERLIN 84”Is the name of the second NFT in the collection. “It forms a variant of rhythmic constancy that served as a continuous mode to one of the facets of discussion that contributed to the conceptual theme”, describes Babasónicos and is being sold at 0.2 ETH (USD 865).

Babasónicos reported through Twitter the launch of the NFT collection called ‘The left of the night’. Source Twitter.

The third, entitled “Intermittency of class” is being auctioned and according to the band is a “deconstruction and immersion in discontinuous sullenness as a post-vision.”

Lastly, there is a fourth NFT called “Acapella – Apology of a Giant” that not available yet on the market for collectibles.

To acquire the pieces of digital art, you need an account in the cryptocurrency exchange Ripio or a wallet compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, for example, MetaMask.

In addition, the platform requires registering with an email address. They do not request personal data

Physical representation of the Babasónicos NFTs

All Babasónicos NFTs They give access to different versions of the song ‘The left of the night’. Additionally, the people who acquire the collectibles will receive a physical version made in silkscreen. The latter is valid only for Argentine territory.

The Enigma.art platform also prepares collectible tokens of other Argentine artists such as: Nicki Nicole, Duki and Los Auténticos Decadentes, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

The NFT industry grows in Argentina

The presence of Argentine bands such as Babasónicos in the NFT and others that are preparing their releases, give a sample of the importance it has for the Argentine public.

This is also reflected in the sports area. In that sense, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) recently launched a second NFT collection, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias.

Among the collectibles put up for sale were one that represents a medallion with the AFA insignia and another with the title jersey that the team wore in the 2021 Copa América and with which they were consecrated champions of the competition. A commemorative shirt for Diego Maradona was also «tokenized», the same as the one the player wore at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.


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