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Alleged Downing Street Christmas Party Sparks Criticism Against Johnson



The leak of a fake press conference in which the Downing Street spokeswoman acknowledges and even jokes about holding a party in December 2020, against the criteria then set to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, They have once again muddied the image of the Boris Johnson Government at a time when it is preparing to adopt new measures to limit the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Downing Street has so far deflected criticism around the alleged party, to which attended on December 18, 2020 “Dozens” of people, according to the BBC public radio. The official doctrine then went through prohibiting indoor meetings except for members of the same family bubble and limiting contacts as much as possible.

However, the ITV chain has released the images of a mock press conference in which the then Downing Street Press Officer Allegra Stratton is questioned about the encounter. Between jokes, he goes so far as to reply: “This fictitious party was a business meeting and there was no social distance.”

There was no Christmas party. COVID rules were followed at all times, “sources from the Prime Minister’s office, Boris Johnson, have responded, waiting for the ‘premier’ himself to appear in the House of Commons and try to calm political spirits.

The controversy has not liked members of the Conservative Party who advocate that responsibilities are assumed at the highest level, with criticism even of the role of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, has canceled the interviews he planned to grant this Wednesday, the day on which the Executive expected to breastfeed the anniversary of the vaccination against COVID-19, according to ‘The Guardian’.

The Labor leader, Keir Starmer, has criticized that the government acted in this way while all citizens “followed the rules, even if it meant being separated from their families.” He also recalled that many “could not say goodbye to their loved ones.”

New measures

The cabinet in charge of coordinating measures against the coronavirus is scheduled to meet this Wednesday to discuss whether it is necessary adopt new restrictions. The United Kingdom has already accumulated more than 300 cases of the omicron variant and on Tuesday added more than 45,000 new positives to its general count since the start of the pandemic.

Among the measures that are on the table are the approval of a recommendation to work from home, a tightening of the use of masks or the implementation of some type of COVID certificate to control access to places with large crowds of people.

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