Friday, July 1

Canet’s family harassed for getting more classes in Spanish asks not to demonstrate in front of their son’s school




The family of Canet (Barcelona) indicated by the independence movement after achieving that the justice recognized their right to receive a 25% of classes in Spanish He has asked not to make any representations, either for or against the decision, before his son’s school. They have requested this through an entry on the Assembly’s networks by a Bilingual School (AEB), an entity that has accompanied them in this process.

«Canet’s family appreciates the support they are receiving. He asks that no concentrations be held either for or against in front of the educational center. And announces that continue to defend your child’s language rights hand in hand with the AEB “, said the organization itself this Wednesday through its Twitter profile.

Over the last week, several social media users had summoned opponents of the TSJC’s decision to protest at the school on Thursday.

Yesterday, the Catalan government spokeswoman, Patricia Beacha, added to the accusation and avoided condemning outright the harassment and threats suffered by both the family and his son on social networks. In fact, in the weekly press conference of the Government, Plaja added to the pressure against the family assuring that the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia “is a flagrant violation of the right of the majority of the families and the students of the center “Because” that a single student forces the rest to change their language is, to say the least, surprising. “

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