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Daniel Frumkin: “I want to see Latin America mining more Bitcoin”

Key facts:
  • Daniel Frumkin is Chief Content Officer at Braiins, a Bitcoin mining analytics firm.

  • Mining has been growing in many places in Latin America, he explains.

With the approval of the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador, a lot of foreign investment and interests have come to the country, with mining fueled by geothermal energy being one of its main attractions.

However, entrepreneurs from the mining sector have been touring the entire continent for some time. Daniel Frumkin is one of them, as head of research and content for Braiins, a mining analysis firm, and SlushPool, a Bitcoin mining pool.

Daniel sat down with CriptoNoticias in the context of the LaBitconf event, in El Salvador, to talk about his career and experience in Bitcoin mining. In addition to his perspectives on Latin America, a region that has traveled through several countries, meeting in turn miners and industry entrepreneurs.

When asked about his time in El Salvador and Latin America in relation to Bitcoin and its mining, he comments from his experience as an American abroad:

It’s like combining some of my favorite things. Bitcoin has been addicting to me for several years, and especially this last year and a half, that I moved to South America, and I have been traveling around Central America, and I love the Latin frankness and energy […] I love being able to combine those things that I love so much.

Daniel Frumkin, Director of Content and Research at Braiins.

Frumkin also emphasizes that his career as a mechanical engineer has helped you focus on troubleshooting Bitcoin mining, as is the case with education on such a complicated subject.

“I want to meet as many miners as possible, and I also want to live here, so it’s great that the industry is coming here,” he said.

Challenges and realities of Bitcoin mining analysis

The engineer clarifies that, with all the research work and content in Braiins, feel a true calling. He also points out that in the early days of Bitcoin, if you weren’t in the mining industry, there was very little you could know and learn about it.

However, it acknowledges that this has changed favorably for the past 5 years.

«There are many newsletters (newsletters) with market research, telling everything that happens in the industry. There are also smart and talented people who are helping to analyze and disseminate information, so the industry has matured quite well, “he says.

Recently, as reported by CriptoNoticias, Braiins updated its tools for Bitcoin mining analysis, also having them in Spanish, as part of its strategy to encourage mining in Latin America.

Enjoy the full interview with Daniel Frumkin on our YouTube channel. We also invite you to visit our Bitcoin mining newsletter, Noti Hash.

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