Saturday, June 25

Food alert in Valencia: they withdraw a product for kebabs sold in supermarkets




The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has issued a warning to people with mustard allergy to refrain from consuming a mixture of spices marketed under the name ‘Shawarma chicken’, which contains this allergen despite not being listed on the label.

However, this ingredient used in the preparation of kebabs and sold in supermarkets does not pose any risk to the rest of the population. The product has been distributed in the Valencian Community, but also in Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha, as well as in France and Portugal, for which the competent authorities have already requested their withdrawal from the market.

The body dependent on the Ministry of Consumption has learned of this situation after receiving a notification from the health authorities of the Community of Madrid.

After an official control in the market, the presence of the allergen (mustard) was detected not declared on labeling. For this reason, the importing company of the product has promised to contact customers.

The data of the product involved are:

Product name (on label): Halal Madrid Chicken Shawarma

Brand / commercial: Halal Madrid

Product appearance: 100 g container

Lot Number: 4

Best before date: Before the end of 12/2024

Unit Weight: 100g

Room temperature

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