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Peugeot will only sell electric cars in Europe in 2030

  • Peugeot joins brands such as Mini, Volvo and Ford and confirms that, from 2030, it will only sell electric cars on the European continent.

  • The brand confirms that its entire range will be electrified, with plug-in hybrid versions, by 2024.

Peugeot It is the last of the brands that has set a specific date for the end of combustion cars in Europe. For 2030, all the lion’s signature throws will be 100% electric. The information has been confirmed by the CEO of the French brand, Linda Jackson, on Car news. As with Ford, the decision is solely for the European market, as Peugeot will continue to sell combustion cars in other international markets.

The group company Stellantis It will thus fulfill, and with much margin, the European objective of commercializing only zero-emission vehicles by 2035. Together with Peugeot and Ford, brands like Abarth (2024), Jaguar (2025), DS (2026), Alfa Romeo (2027) Opel (2028), Mini (2030) and Volvo (2030) have also put an expiration date on their combustion models. In addition, Cupra anticipated its desire to be a 100% electric brand also by 2030 and Audi from stopping developing combustion engines by 2026, stopping selling combustion and hybrid vehicles at the beginning of the next decade.

100% electrified range in 2024

Movement of Peugeot It is logical considering that its current range is already 70% electrified if plug-in hybrid cars are also counted. In fact, the brand, and the whole group PSAIt was one of the few that met European emissions regulations last year without having to sign agreements with more electrified firms. Fiat, also from StellantisFor example, it turned to Tesla to cut its average emissions. Of the entire Peugeot range, only the 5008, Large SUV, and the small 108, which will be canceled soon, they do not offer any electrified version, a fact that will change in 2024, when your entire offering is electrified.

The next big release, Jackson confirms, is the next generation of the 3008, which will bet on a version 100% electric. The outgoing model featured a plug-in hybrid powertrain. In addition, the 308 100% electric. Among the current models, Jackson points out that of the 208, 20% of its sales correspond to the fully electric model, while the 2008 the percentage is “slightly lower” because it is their best-selling vehicle.

Four platforms

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As confirmed several times Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, the group, with brands such as the aforementioned DS, Alfa Romeo and Opel, among many others, expects the 70% of your sales in 2030 in Europe they correspond to electric or hybrid vehicles.

For this, the group, formed in early 2021 by the union of the FCA Group (Fiat-Chrysler) and the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroën), will base a large part of its range on four architectures developed specifically for electric cars, although they can mount combustion engines for vehicles from other markets. These are the STLA Small, for small cars, Medium for compact size vehicles, Large for large vehicles, and Frame for commercials.

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