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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic request the intervention of the CSD to stop ‘LaLiga Impulso’



Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club have issued this Wednesday a
joint statement
reiterating their rejection of ‘LaLiga Impulso’ and have requested, in the same way as the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), the intervention of the competent authorities to stop the project that LaLiga intends to develop.

“We share the terms of the statement sent today by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), reiterating once again that the La Liga Impulso Project is incompatible with our legal system and that, consequently, it should not be carried out”, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic indicate that they did not join the project.

«We confirm to our partners and fans that, like the RFEF, it requests the intervention of the competent authorities for this purpose, yesterday Athletic Club, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid We send a communication to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), given that, in the exercise of its powers, it has the duty to avoid consuming irreparable damage to our football, “they add.

In addition, the three clubs agree that the Extraordinary General Assembly of La Liga convened for next December 10, 2021, “intends to definitively consummate a flagrant violation of the legal regime applicable to La Liga and the audiovisual rights of Spanish football.”

“The reaction of La Liga to the repeated requests of the three clubs has been to undertake a harsh campaign of attacks, misinformation and, above all, to refuse to assess the proposed alternative while keeping their plans intact,” say the entities, who recall that the article 8.s) of the Sports Law grants the CSD a «function of guarantor of the legality of the application of the regulations that regulate the world of sports».

In this sense, if the CSD does not act “in the exercise of its powers, it could be commit serious irregularities that seriously compromise not only the economic future of Spanish football, but also the legal framework that the legislator adopted for the governance of this sport «.

“In any case, if the La Liga plans are approved in relation to the La Liga Impulso Project, we will have the inescapable obligation to exercise the corresponding legal actions, of the appropriate legal nature,” concludes the statement from Athletic, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

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