Friday, July 1

The Galician socialists appoint Carmela Silva as president of the party, splattered by a case of corruption




In the same scenario in which Pedro Sánchez boasted of transparency and democratic regeneration in the face of the “corruption” of the previous governments of the PP, minutes before the ‘new’ Galician socialism debuted with a not very exemplary appointment: the appointment of the president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, splattered by a case of corruption, as president of the PSdeG. The new stage that Valentín González Formoso inaugurates at the head of the Galician socialists was born with lamps.

Silva was neither convicted nor tried, but the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, in what is known as the ‘sister-in-law’ case, fully affects her. The Criminal Chamber of the High Court recently ratified the convictions of the businessman Ramón Comesaña and the senior official of the Vigo City Council, Francisco Gutiérrez Orué, for the irregular hiring of Vanesa Falque, Silva’s sister-in-law, in a municipal concessionairel, of which he received 108,000 euros in salary for doing nothing.

Silva, in addition to being a socialist and president of the Pontevedra Provincial Council, is also the right-hand man of the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero. And from today Wednesday, also president of the PSdeG. Galician socialism, far from relegating Silva, has given him stripes in this new stage with Formoso at the helm.

The popular ones, who already put the cry in the sky with the sentence of the Supreme, rushed to charge inks against her as president of the PSdeG. The secretary general of the Galician PP, Miguel Tellado, has described as «very bad start for the new general secretary of the PSdeG, who becomes an accessory to corruption of the City Council of Vigo ». A week after the sentence, the popular people are still waiting “for an explanation from the president of the Pontevedra County Council and from the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero.”

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