Monday, July 4

The latest from Oppo is a retractable camera that gets into the mobile

If your smartphone wobbles every time you lay it on the table next to the camera, the next technology from OPPO might be for you. The Chinese company, owned by BBK Electronics, has unveiled a mechanism for mobile retractable camera which promises not to be “annoying” like most pop-up cameras. It also looks somewhat different from the retractable camera concept currently on the market.

Pop-up cameras from other manufacturers, for example that of the Honor 9X that we have analyzed in Engadget, are mainly focused on hiding the sensor for selfies inside the device’s housing. Oppo, for its part, is committed to bringing this solution to sensor principal of the mobile, allowing it to move back and forth, while maintaining a slight protrusion at the back due to the photographic module.

A waterproof and fall prevention mechanism

A teaser teaser published this Wednesday by the company in your twitter account Before OPPO INNO DAY 2021, it gives us a good handful of clues about this new proposal. However, we will have to wait until the event in which the latest technological innovations will be revealed for 2022 to know all the details.

The images suggest that the retractable camera mechanism is water resistant. They also reveal that the system will activate automatically to prevent damage if the phone is dropped. Regarding the characteristics, some can be observed as a sensor of 1 / 1.56 inch, telephoto 50 mm equivalent and an aperture value f/2.4.

The rest of the features and benefits that this mechanized system will offer and in which phones it could be implemented –if this happens one day– are still unknown. Will it be useful for offering high zoom levels or will it just help improve image quality? For now we will know all the details in the next event.

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