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The lava already covers 1,184 hectares and has buried 1,304 homes on La Palma

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The La Palma volcano has already buried a total of 1,184 hectares, with affection according to the cadastre of 1,628 constructions, 66 more than 48 hours ago. Of these, 1,304 are for residential use, 179 agricultural, 74 industrial, 40 leisure and catering, 15 for public use and 16 other uses.

With regard to crops, the destruction of the Cumbre Vieja volcano already amounts to 359.82 hectares, 10 more than in the last report. Of these, 224 correspond to banana, 7.44 more, while the affection to vineyard is 62.34 hectares and avocado 27.33. It is not the only damage to one of the main engines of the island, since there are 412 hectares of banana trees affected by ash, 128 of vineyard and 84 of avocado, in addition to 90 isolated hectares and without the possibility of risk that will be recoverable for cultivation in the future but at this time will be irretrievably lost.

The scientific and technical committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca), has ensured that the «conditions have changed remarkably»In the La Palma volcano, with a low and very low seismicity, a lower tremor level, a downward trend in the variable of sulfur dioxide emission in the plume and a stable deformation although« they are not enough to see a near end “, or at least”I do not see it», Has pointed out Miguel Ángel Morcuende.

“The values ​​are not low enough” yet, and although it is “evident” that the volcano has “less power and energy” We understand that two months ago the parameters “have to keep going down.” The same idea has been underlined by the spokeswoman for the scientific committee Carmen López, who has stressed that the values ​​”remain high”, and there has been an upturn in seismicity recently, so these falling levels have to be consolidated and stable. «We have to wait», He insisted.

In this moment, the energy runs through the interior of the central zone in a westerly direction, loading most of the contribution in the wash 9. The wash 11, further south and that caused a new affection in new land has a contribution and has spilled slightly to the south at its junction with the wash 9. This is the one that receives the most flow , mainly from lava tubes but also from the surface, forming a new low island that will tend to join with the original strip.

Decreasing values

The fissure eruption is maintained with strombolian and ash emission pulses, with a significant degassing in the last hours. The meteorology presents a favorable scenario for the airport.

The intermediate seismicity is low, and is very low over 20 kilometers in depth, said the spokeswoman for the scientific committee Carmen López. The most intense earthquake was of magnitude 4 yesterday Tuesday at 1:29 p.m., felt in intensity IV at 14 kilometers deep.

The tremor signal is low and with little variability and the deformity has a tendency to stability in the most remote stations and “without a clear tendency in the closest ones”.

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