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The mysterious lunar cube that intrigues Chinese astronomers: they photograph a rare mound that “came out of nowhere” on the far side of the Moon

In 2019 China began a space mission with the aim of investigating the far side of the Moon. To do this, it sent the Yutu 2 lunar vehicle to the Earth’s satellite, which has been traveling over its surface for almost three years and which has recently located an anomaly that Asian scientists have called a “mysterious cabin”: a strange cube-shaped mound that stands out against the black of the sky, as reported by EFE Agency.

Apparently, the Chinese mission recently detected the strange object in one of the photos that Yutu 2 has taken from the lunar surface. Blurred in the image due to being magnified several times, you can see a small elevation of the ground in a cubic shape. As reported by Asians in the mission’s public newspaper, the mysterious mound is located about 80 meters away from the current position of your lunar rover, which will approach in the coming weeks to investigate it. It is expected to arrive at your location in two to three months.

Beyond the fantasy of the name, Chinese scientists, who have shown great interest in the object, are of the opinion that this cubic-looking projection of the terrain is, probably, a rise caused by a meteorite impact. In any case, in the coming months we will have doubts.

The case of the “mysterious cabin” recalls, saving the distance, that of the face of Mars, that promontory of the red planet that, in a NASA photograph from 1976, was assimilated to a human face. At first, the lack of sharpness of the image and the tremendous coincidence of the light it received at the precise moment that the snapshot was taken triggered the ufological theories. However, when approaching the ship from where the image was taken and increasing the resolution of the camera, as well as doing it at a different lighting moment, it was clear that it had been nothing more than an extraordinary coincidence.

Photograph of the “mysterious cabin” that has aroused the curiosity of Chinese scientists.

The hidden side of the Moon

Due to certain oscillating movements of the Moon and the gravitational forces exerted by the Earth on it, approximately 40% of the satellite surface is never visible from our planet. That hidden face was a mystery to humanity until the Soviet probe Luna 3 photographed it for the first time in October 1959.

In December 2018, China launched a space mission to explore that hidden side on the ground for the first time in history. The probe carrying the Yutu 2 managed to land on the moon in early 2019 and its mission has been, since then, study radio frequencies and mineral resources from that area.


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