Monday, July 4

We automate the management of votes at general shareholders’ meetings

– What does this new digital voting management service for Shareholders’ Meetings consist of?

It is a digital service that unites what is the issuer with the participating entity of Iberclear in an automated way in such a way that we automate and standardize the management of votes at general shareholders’ meetings. It is a platform that manages all voting processes and in this way we facilitate the right to vote of shareholders in Spain.

– What advantages does it bring?

The main one is all the automation, synergies and cost savings of not having to manage physical cards as was traditionally done, obviously we also allow issuers and companies participating in Iberclear to comply with compliance with European regulation, the Directive of the right of shareholder number 2. We give the issuer some very important and very interesting services because we allow the generation of voting cards to be followed from the beginning of the process as the issue of quorum and vote evolves, we facilitate the confirmation of the vote which is another of the requirements of the European Directive, we also minimize technological developments because we use a platform that is already standardized and generalized in the rest of Europe, in such a way that we give the companies participating in Iberclear the possibility to manage the vote of national but also international shareholders, which is something that they have requested of us adored companies.

– What other news has Iberclear launched recently?

At Iberclear this year, which has been quite intense, we have begun to manage the financial transaction tax that has been mandated by law, we have launched a tax claim and refund service in connection with our counterpart in Portugal, the identification of the final beneficiaries in June this year and we are preparing for the liquidation discipline which is another European regulation that comes into force on February 1, 2022 and we have bought 50% of the Regis-TR registry that Clearstream controlled, which is now 100 % of Iberclear.

– What is your balance this year?

Very positive, we have launched many projects, we are advancing in new regulations and we have advanced in the integration in the Six group. The day-to-day operations have gone smoothly despite the fact that until September we have been working remotely, 100% in our homes. Likewise, we continue to represent Spain in all post-contracting, settlement and registration forums.

– What will be the priorities for Iberclear in 2022?

Continue to comply with the regulation, the discipline of the liquidation that begins on February 1 as mentioned and everything related to the European Central Bank (ECB) since in November of next year the consolidation of Target II Securities with the ECB payment system, regulation of crypto assets and DLT and the reform of the Spanish Securities Market Law that is in line with European regulation in which we are already working together with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). We will also offer new services to our participants and issuers.

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