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A pro-independence group makes graffiti in the house of the rector of the UAB for allowing an act of S’ha Acabat



The pro-independence group Acció per la Independència has claimed to have carried out painted in the address of the rector of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Javier Lafuente, for having allowed an act of the S’ha Acabat organization.

Acció per la Independencia has written “traitor” or “fascist” on the house in a protest action against the rector for the “act of provocation” of the “Spanishist group” which took place at the university on November 25 “with the explicit support of parties and entities of the same ideology.”

“Not only was this infamous act of the worst Spanishism allowed, but the rector also authorized the entry of the Mossos d’Esquadra, which charged with violence against the concentrated students while on the other side there was clamoring for the outlawing of youth independence organizations, La Forge and Arran “, explained the independence group in a statement released through its Twitter profile.

Thus, he has defended the graffiti as a “response” to the “permissiveness” of Lafuente, who, in addition, has demanded his “immediate resignation.” «The painting is only an example and a warning of our capacity», the group has warned, to underline that “the permissiveness in the outrages and provocations of the most rancid Spanishism is over.”

For his part, S’ha Acabat has condemned “without palliative” the “intimidating” graffiti at the rector’s home, to whom he has expressed his solidarity for the acts that he considers “are especially serious as they are vindicated by the violent separatist group” as “An example of warning” of his “capacity for action.”

In this sense, it has called on the political parties with representation in the Parliament and the Generalitat of Catalonia for their “Explicit condemnation with the provoked events” by Action for Independence.

“We remind Mr. Lafuente that allowing violent attitudes of the independence movement at the UAB or anywhere else ends up having serious consequences over time, since anti-system separatism is a political movement of a violent and vengeful nature,” concluded S’ha He finished in a statement also shared by Twitter.

In the questioned act held on November 25 at the academic institution, a hundred protesters rallied in protest against It’s over. The participants in the mobilization threw smoke canisters against the police cordon and the Mossos d’Escuadra charged them, although the event could finally be held.

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