Friday, July 1

Battle against Epic: Apple manages to delay the changes in the Apple Store that should apply tomorrow

The countdown was on. Apple had until this December 9 to modify the rules of the App Store and thus allow developers to include external payment links within your applications. However, the lawyers of the Cupertino have managed to buy the company some time and everything continues as before.

Apple had tried unsuccessfully to appeal the court ruling, but in the last hours of Wednesday, the California Court of Appeals decided to accept a petition and indefinitely postponed the entry into force of part of the changes required in one of the sentences against the apple company in the legal battle of Epic Games.

More time to make changes due to its technical complexity

The part of the ruling in question says that Apple is “prohibited from preventing developers from including external links or other actions that lead to purchasing mechanisms in their applications.” That is, application developers may offer alternative payment gateways and thus avoid the commissions of 15 or 30% of the Apple Store.

But the Cupertinos’ lawyers managed to convince the court that making the requested changes in the App Store is not an easy thing. In the petition they state that it is a task “extremely complicatedThey also assure that “it will take months to solve engineering, economic, commercial and other problems.”

Consequently, the court has accepted these arguments, considering that the changes in the Apple Store “involve a minimum of serious questions that challenge the court’s decision.” As a consequence, the aforementioned restrictions for app developers will continue, at least until this extended term request evolves, and Apple is back on the ropes.

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Image | Zhiyue Xu (Unsplash)

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