Friday, July 1

PharmaMar: Weakness could return, it is a dangerous value

Possible options of values ​​that are going to enter and leave the IBEX 35 are already being considered and one of the names that sounds to join the selective is Logista, how is the value technically? According to José Luis Herrera, from BiG, “once he lost a few days ago the 50% Fibonacci retracement of the entire previous upward stretch, which took him from the October 2020 lows to the summer highs, it seems that he wants to go to the next control zone, around 16 euros. ” It could be a rebound zone, also spurred by the possibility of entering the Ibex 35.

Other values ​​that sound to enter the selective are Laboratorios Rovi or Acciona Energía.

As for those that could come out, the name of PharmaMar is being considered. Once it lost the area of ​​66.5 euros, in early November, it was an important support zone, which once it was pierced opened the door to further falls. It is close to the area of ​​certain relevance, the average of 200 sessions, “from here money could come in, there could be a rebound”. In the event of that rise, resistance would be in that area that was support, around 66.5 euros. But the weakness could also return, it is a value that right now is in a delicate moment, “it is still dangerous”.

You could also leave the selective Melia Hotels. At a technical level, as long as it does not lose levels of 5.49 euros, there could be the possibility of going to the upper part of the range, close to 7 euros.

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