Saturday, June 25

Renta 4 evolves and approaches retail banking with a new image

Renta 4 today presented its new image linked to the retail banking service that it will offer from now on and that will be boosted with new services from the first half of next year.

Juan Carlos Ureta, President of Renta 4 Bank, explains that the entity is starting a new stage “that marks a turning point where our core values ​​(proximity, experience and specialization) are combined with contemporary values ​​(digitization, innovation and universality) to acquire a new form”. And it is that, with this new adventure, Renta 4 Banco intends to approach clients who can have both their investment portfolio and their bank accounts in the same entity, regardless of the size of their assets or their experience in the sector.

Thus, Renta 4 Banco presents its ‘PLUS plan‘, offering clients a bank focused on investments, but in the form of a traditional bank, bringing together both experiences and with the novelty of opening up to new segments of savers that, according to the entity, “are arriving” and that is for Renta 4 Bank there are several key points, among them, that “investing is already a necessity and not an option and in addition, you have to invest in a complex scenario with inflation risk and what clients need is to invest in a more complete fund that help in the face of adversity like that. “

The new MÁS project has as central axes advising its clients through an intelligent digital advisor, providing basic banking services and increasing thematic investments with a focus on sustainability and the common good.

Among the basic banking services that Renta 4 Banco will offer are payments and collections, direct debit of payroll, bank card or Bizum, among others. Although, says the president, his intention is not to compete against the large traditional banks that already operate in these segments or areas, but to complement this offer with his experience in the investment world.

Another of the great novelties that Renta 4 Banco has presented is the financial planner to be able to know in depth the current economic situation that the client lives and, with it, work on the financial situation in the future. Juan Carlos Ureta has stressed the importance of establishing a good financial route so that the client has secure financial stability throughout his life.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Renta 4 Banco has a lot to say, although for now it prefers to keep that ace up its sleeve and gives a few touches on what is to come, “we believe that the time when crypto assets will be able to be offered with greater security is near. as much as possible, and we have the necessary authorizations, we will. “

Likewise, the president of the entity has explained the reasons why they did not want to launch this project as a neobanco or neobroker and is that, according to comments, “the neobank is about technology, it is enough to put some options in an app and with that it is already a new brand, but we do not believe that this is so”.

Currently, Renta 4 has a network of 62 offices in Spain and 110,000 clients, although they do not rule out the possibility of opening new offices in Spain and thus increasing its network of branches.

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