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Sngular: Technology has almost become a safe haven

What or who is Sngular?

Sngular at this time is a business group that is increasingly diversified, although its origin is in software development and has a type of technology-based services, but it is a company that, around digital talent, has developed more and more different activities. , business models, we have the main branch of development and consulting service as it is still 80% of our activity but we have a training company, talent selection, we also have an activity related to the technical community and the holding events and we also have a Sngular Venture which is an investment vehicle in which we participate in different startups or ventures.

At this moment we are 950 people, we are present in seven countries, we work for all sectors and we are at a time, due to size and diversification, in which we are becoming more and more attractive to incorporate and add small specialized companies.

The origin of Sngular as a brand is six years ago and it was due to the merger of different companies specialized in different fields and that multispecialization with companies that have combined very well have produced a mixture that, at this time, is also attractive for other companies that can be integrated with us.

What makes this the ideal moment to start trading on the BME Growth market?

At Sngular it seemed like a natural step. For many years we have had a very strong growth above 30%, financing that growth is already a challenge in itself although we have a very good profitability close to 15% on sales, but only financing growth is already a challenge.

At this time we have the opportunity to incorporate some companies that complement us, that diversify us in some services and in some types of activity and, therefore, finance in addition to our natural growth, that additional inorganic growth needed new sources of financing. It also coincides that we have a size that can already be attractive to investors, we are close to 60 million in turnover and at a time when the entire market is also looking for companies that have this growth trajectory and potential for the following years.

It seemed to us the natural step to be able to make ourselves known and begin to have more visibility. At this moment we are in several countries, almost 50% of our activity comes from outside Spain, for example, 35% already comes from clients in the United States, we have teams in the United States, in Mexico … but, mainly, the The market that knows us is the Spanish market and that is why we thought it would be good to start with Spanish investors and little by little in this new journey with investors.

What are the objectives of the company with this IPO?

The company’s strategy continues to be to incorporate more and more services, to continue growing, we have very large clients, especially outside of Spain, who draw a lot from us. It is a business based on talent, which is our origin and our reason for being and we need to give this talent greater challenges, opportunities, go to larger markets, reach more ambitious clients and projects … and this is the The path that we have been following and what we are looking for is to be able to finance the growth that we expect for the next few years.

We are estimating that we are going to maintain annual growth above 20%, if in addition to that we add something else with some type of acquisition of companies, which we already have on the horizon, fundamentally what we need is the accompaniment of investors to be able to continue to finance the growth of the company.

Looking to the future, do you hope to continue growing until you reach other bigger markets?

Hopefully we do well and have a reasonable and sufficient progression to go to another market. We are burning stages, we are going to go little by little fulfilling our objectives, we are very responsible with the things that we promise, we are very committed to our lifelong team, with our staff and our clients and we hope that it will give results and become something that also satisfy investors.

If everything goes well, the logical thing would be to think that in a few years we will make the leap to some other market. Hopefully we can go to higher leagues.

Several weeks ago they carried out a capital increase initially planned for 16 million euros and that in just one day received a demand for almost 80 million. In addition, after this operation, the Domínguez family, owner of Mayoral, acquired just over 6% of the capital. What has this success meant for the company?

First of all, it is a great satisfaction to see that when we count our company it is seen as something attractive that has a lot of potential and that we have this response from the market. Next, a great responsibility not to disappoint all that group of investors.

The capital increase was initially distributed in a tranche for qualified investors and institutional investors of 10 million, in which we had already committed part for the mayoral family because we thought it was good to incorporate a reference partner who also has a long-term vocation, that we it will accompany future expansions and that from the beginning there was very good harmony and, therefore, there was a tranche of 5 million for institutional that was covered with a demand eight times what we offered.

In the segment of retailers, unskilled investors or small savers we had those 6 million that we finally expanded to 8 within 24 hours of the opening of the books because we have 1,800 small investors who have wanted to invest in the company, many are friends and acquaintances of the company of a long time ago, but we did not expect this welcome and now we have a huge responsibility not to disappoint any of them.

What does Singular offer investors?

We have a very solid project, with a history of many years that shows that we have been fulfilling our plans. We have a company that, despite its diversification and that what we offer is very new, it is a very well-managed company, that has everything very well organized and we have good growth prospects, important clients, we have that geographic diversification, by sectors and by business models.

In addition, at this time technology has become an enabler of the transformation of all other sectors, almost a more safe haven value. In the past it was a riskier value, but now we see that all companies in all sectors are evolving, reinventing themselves and need to drive new projects with technology. This need that has the sector now in effervescence is based on a fundamental element such as talent, the growth of the sector that is estimated worldwide that will remain above 20% for many years and that is not increased by the need To find that talent that is so scarce, we are immersed in that so-called ‘war of talent’ because everyone needs a type of people, knowledge and technology and this is the most important asset that Sngular has, the ability to attract the talent, to take care of it, to develop it, to retain it and to take advantage of it with different business models.

I trust that with those investors who are looking to the long term and not to the speculation of the next few months, we can give them a lot of joy.

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