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The Catalan Minister of Education sees the linguistic conflict a “lie” and refuses to answer the press in Spanish

Canet de Mar (Barcelona)



The Catalan Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray, appeared this morning before the media from the Turó del Drac de Canet school (Barcelona), in the center of all eyes due to the controversy opened by the 25% of classes in Spanish imposed by the justice after the request of a family. Accompanied by the mayor of the town, and after meeting with the school management and some families on the day the measure becomes effective by court order, he has denied that there is a “real” linguistic conflict in Catalonia.

“We are not facing a real problem, we are facing a lie”, highlighted the counselor in statements to the press. González-Cambray, who refused to answer questions in Spanish claiming that today “was not the day,” he affirmed that the Department cannot act and intercede for the center because the TSJC’s resolution is addressed to the school’s management.

Thus, he advised the head of the school to comply with the court order to avoid reprisals.

“The resolution of the TSJC is directed at the management of the center, that prevents the Department of Education from acting,” said the counselor, who has ensured that the Generalitat will be at the side of the center and the families throughout the process. “We have come to offer our support to the management in this situation.” The Catalan Minister of Education referred to the resolution of the TSJC that obliges to give more Spanish in this center – six and a half hours more a week – as “a new intolerable attack on the Catalan school model”, a model that he defined “of success”. He also regretted that the courts dictate “pedagogical measures” and assured that the immersion model is a successful model that “is shielded by the Catalan Educational Law (LEC) of 2009”.

Asked by the media about the threats that the family has received on the networks applicant for more Spanish and the possible boycott of the other parents to the affected student and family, González-Cambraysu asked the families to “prioritize coexistence.” Regarding the demonstration called by the Union of Students of the Catalan Countries (Sepc), the counselor limited himself to affirming that in a state of democracy the right to mobilization must be respected as long as it is from serenity and without violence.

González-Cambray He has gone to the Canet school after days of threats and accusations against the family who asked for more Spanish for their son, a claim endorsed last week by the courts. Since then, the parents have been insulted and harassed through social networks, to the point that they have asked for judicial protection. Yesterday, through the Assembly for a Bilingual School, which is accompanying them in this process, they assured that they will not back down, but they asked not to turn their son’s school into a point of protest for those who favor and those who oppose the model. immersion.

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