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The CIA is involved in projects with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, claims its director

The director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, revealed that this entity is working on different projects related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The official made the disclosure on Monday, December 6, at the CIO Summit event, organized by the Wall Street Journal.

After discussing various topics in his conference, such as the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine or the challenges of the space race in terms of security, the official responded to a question from the audience about whether the agency would be examining cryptocurrencies in light of the repeated ransomware attacks.

Burns responded positively, adding that it was a theme inherited from the agency’s previous administration.

My predecessor had started this, and had launched a number of different projects focused on cryptocurrencies, trying to see the second and third order consequences of cryptocurrencies as well.

Williams Burns, director of the CIA.

The official also noted that they are assisting other US government agencies by providing robust intelligence on what the CIA is analyzing in the field of cryptocurrencies, he reported. the Vice post.

William Burns continues the cryptocurrency projects that already existed when he took office. Source: Wikipedia

Burns claimed that cryptocurrencies can have a major impact on the issues surrounding ransomware attacks. “To discourage these attacks, we have to neutralize the financial networks used by criminal organizations, and this is directly related to cryptocurrencies,” said the official.

The comments multiplied on social networks in a mixture of criticism and humor. Reference was made to a conspiracy theory that attributes the creation of Bitcoin to the CIA and Spencer Schiff, the son of stockbroker and well-known anti-Bitcoin Peter Schiff, said in a Tweet: “If the CIA was proven to have invented Bitcoin, that would not lessen my bullish attitude. The only thing I would change is my opinion of Satoshi. But Satoshi is not Bitcoin. That connection was severed years ago.

Ransomware attacks under the magnifying glass of the US Government.

CriptoNoticias reported in mid-September that the United States government is preparing various actions against raNsonware attacks, including sanctions against those who make payments for these attacks.

On the other hand, Congressman Patrick McHenry introduced a bill that prohibits unauthorized payments of more than $ 100,000 to hackers responsible for ransomware attacks.

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