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This is how Health intensifies the fight against tobacco: it will restrict smoking in the car, terrace and beaches

The war against tobacco was interrupted in Spain by pandema, but the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, plans to intensify it very soon. So indicates the latest draft of the Comprehensive Smoking Prevention and Control Plan, of which the newspaper the reason has obtained a copy.

According to this report, the new measures for the period 2021-2025 will include a rise in taxes, but also increased restrictions on smoking in the car, the terraces or the beaches.

The fight is also against the electronic cigarette

The draft aims to make it “possible to develop a daily routine away from an environment” with tobacco smoke. For this they want expand smoke-free spaces.

This includes public spaces, but they also seem to want to introduce “awareness-raising measures in private spaces.” when you live with someone else (both at home, car, etc.)“.

It is not clear whether smoking in private vehicles will be prohibited, but the newspaper indicates that experts in this field “take it for granted that among those outdoor spaces where smoking will be prohibited will include, for example, the terraces of the bars. “The beaches will also be affected, and in fact those who are banned from smoking “have seen a significant increase” in recent years.

The goal is to reduce premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases by one third by 2030. It also seeks to meet the goal established with the World Health Organization (WHO), which aims to achieve a 30% relative reduction in tobacco use by 2025.

They want to achieve even more: the challenge is that in 2040 less than 5% of the population uses tobacco, compared to the current 25% average in Europe. There are even more ambitious projects in other parts of the world: in New Zealand it has been approved a new legislation that will ban tobacco to the next generation of citizens: Those who are 14 years old or younger today will never be able to legally buy tobacco.


Another of the measures indicated in the annex called Goal 1 points to a rise in taxes, and it is expected to “promote the revision of taxation to achieve an increase and approximation of the price of all tobacco products. “

Vaping reaches teens and sets off alarms

In this review of the taxes, there will also be predictably the proposal for “excise duty on e-cigarettes“.

This is where the draft is especially sharp, and it can be read that electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco are aimed at “trying to do a nicotine facelift due to the greater awareness on the part of the population about the risks of traditional tobacco “.

These new forms of consumption, the draft indicates, are especially attractive to youth by conveying the feeling that they reduce the risk of consumption. This document highlights how these new alternatives “are the gateway to tobacco use and subsequent addiction“.

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