Monday, July 4

Visa launches cryptocurrency advisory service

The digital payments company Visa has launched a specific advisory service in cryptocurrencies and digital currencies that will be integrated into Visa Consulting and Analytics and is designed to help customers and partners go one step further in this area.

This new service helps companies to evaluate what business opportunities cryptocurrencies offer, as well as to develop concrete strategies and piloting new user experiences and innovations such as rewards programs and consumer wallets built into CBDC, Visa said in a statement.

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According to a study prepared by the firm, 94% of those responsible for making decisions in the financial segment have knowledge about cryptocurrencies, something that Visa considers “fundamental“.

“In the last year, we have observed a substantial change in the mentality of our clients, who have gone from an interest in exploring the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies to the design and construction of a tangible strategy and one Roadmap for these products “, highlighted the global director of Visa Consulting & Analytics, Carl Rutstein.

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