Sunday, July 3

WhatsApp already tests payments with cryptocurrencies in the app: starts its pilot program with Meta’s digital wallet

WhatsApp has just announced its first pilot program for allow cryptocurrency payments through the app. It is not new that WhatsApp wants to allow payments in the app, something that has been tested for a long time (although without officially expanding globally), although there was no news to date about this new project.

The pilot program will be available to a limited number of WhatsApp users (iOS and Android) in the United States. Payments are made with Meta’s digital wallet, with a stable coin whose value is pegged to the US dollar.

WhatsApp embraces cryptocurrency payments

WhatsApp has launched its new pilot program so that a limited number of users in the United States can send and receive money from the chat, using cryptocurrencies. Being a Facebook app, the digital wallet they use is Novi, the Meta wallet launched just a few weeks ago.

It is pegged to Pax Dollars (USDP), a stable coin pegged to the US dollar, so there is no trace of other cryptocurrencies, at the moment. Sending payments it’s as simple as sending any other type of content: we press the clip icon, we click to send money and the payment menu appears.

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The transfer promises to be immediate, without limits on the frequency of shipments or commissions for using payments through WhatsApp. For the moment, the test is limited to the United States, but it opens the door to payments through cryptocurrencies through the app in the future.

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