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Wind energy is already the first source of electricity in Spain: eight years later a renewable one manages to surpass nuclear

The Wind energy is already the main source of energy in Spain. Year after year our country has been installing more power through wind turbines and it was practically a matter of time before this renewable energy surpassed nuclear energy that has been the leader in generation during the last decade.

You have to go back to 2013, when the winds in Spain blew hard and the Garoña plant closed, to find a time when wind power was above nuclear power. Since then, nuclear power has remained relatively constant but wind power has been growing gradually, as indicated in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) and where by 2030 they want wind power to double and 74% of all electricity generation to be renewable.

Wind energy brings us closer to the milestone of renewables exceeding 50%

We are still far from renewables being dominant, as they remain below 50%. Even so, to this day they represent a 47.3%, historical record and notably above the 43.6% of last year. Figures that mark the right direction in emission-free generation.

With figures from the beginning of December, according to the Spanish Electricity Network, some 64,053 GWh were generated throughout the year through wind turbines. In the case of nuclear power, they have been 56,343 GWh.

With this difference, it is already impossible for nuclear to catch up with wind. Not even if the wind stopped and the nukes worked at full power. An extreme situation that also seems very far away, as there are still strong gusts of wind and half of the nuclear power plants are stopped at this time.

As described NIUS, which has advanced this news, the wind energy production this week has reached a record of 420,000 MWh per day, surpassing the data of January.

To continue with this forecast, 2022 could become the year in which renewables finally exceed 50% of electricity generation. We will have to wait to see what the situation is in an electricity market that is experiencing moments of instability with the increase in the cost of gas. In this sense, the combined cycle also continues to have a strong presence, with 16.7% and above renewable energies such as hydroelectric (11.4%) or solar photovoltaic (8.4%).

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