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All the news in Android 12 (Go Edition): the system that will make incoming mobiles faster and more efficient

After two months since the launch of Android 12, Google has officially announced Android 12 Go Edition, your entry-level mobile optimized version of the operating system. With this Go edition of Android 12 Google makes a strong commitment to performance and autonomy.

Specifically, it promises that it will be a faster system opening apps, more respectful with the user at the permission level and that, at the autonomy level, it will be more efficient than previous versions. We are going to review the news of this new version of the operating system.

It is still a reduced Android 12, but with improvements

Android 12 Go Edition promises to be up to 30% faster opening apps. This is crucial considering that mobiles that incorporate this operating system tend to have eMMC-type memories and quite low amounts of RAM.

Android 12 Go will be faster: it promises up to 30% faster opening applications compared to the previous version

Google has focused on optimizing performance so that the system is faster, even though the phone hardware does not accompany. It remains to be seen how these numbers translate depending on each phone, but the improvement promises, at least on paper.

The second big news in Android 12 Go has to do with The battery life. Google incorporates the automatic application hibernation, something that suspends those applications that we do not use. In this way, these apps are prevented from activating in the background and using more battery than usual.

Unused Apps

In the same way, If we don’t use an app for a few days, Android 12 Go will revoke its permissions, so that you cannot be obtaining data about us. It is one of the best security measures of Android 12 that also reaches this reduced version.

Another of the great novelties of Android 12 Go has to do with listening and automatic text translation. When the system detects a text, it will show options so that we can either translate it into any of the supported languages ​​or reproduce it via audio. Functions inherited from the Google Pixel that now reach more humble mobiles.

There are also improvements in Nearby Share, Google’s own file sharing system. In the case of Android 12 Go Edition, we can share applications quickly making a long press on it, using this technology. We will not share the APK itself, but a download link to the person we sent it to.

By last, privacy improvements arrive, with a new panel in the settings and an icon in the upper right corner that will tell us when an app is using the microphone or the camera, as in Android 12. The Android permission system remains the same, but we have some more control over it.

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