Saturday, August 13

Comerzzia and Comercia Global Payments join forces to provide an innovative mobility solution to retail fashion

Recently, the unified commerce platform Comerzzia, has been integrated with Comercia Global Payments* (CGP), the next-generation payment gateway created to improve the customer experience both in mobility and at fixed points.

The Comerzzia platform has several solutions focused on both food retail and specialist. In this case, the mobile sales and payment solution call trade FastPOS together with CGP it allows to have an all-in-one solution in mobility together with the Itos CM5-X device.

This compact and complete solution, native to Android, allows you to carry out a complete sale with payment included in less than 15 seconds, without the need to use any other type of external device or accessory. The reading of the barcode associated with the product, as well as the payment, occurs instantly thanks to the device and the power of both platforms.

The joint solution of Comerzzia and CGP allows the sale and payment anywhere in the physical store, in addition to reducing waiting times at the point of sale and reducing queues in the store. In addition, the business logic of Comerzzia allows a rapid adoption of unified commerce and the concept of a single customer in all sales channels, along with other functionalities that maximize the customer’s shopping experience and improve agility and store processes for the employee.

* The funds protection system chosen by Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago, SL for its clients is their deposit in a separate account opened at CaixaBank SA

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