Tuesday, August 16

Facephi will implement the four-day-a-week workday

With this decision, FacePhi continues on the path of innovation and becomes a pioneer company in the implementation of the reduction of the working calendar to four days a week; a measure that is being defined together with those responsible for the workers, in order to promote family and work conciliation.

The company intends with this decision, that will be implemented throughout 2022 and that has obtained successful results in countries such as Japan -where companies that have opted for this model have managed to increase their productivity by up to 40 %-, improve the well-being and working conditions of your team, in line with the values ​​that FacePhi promulgates, such as family, teamwork, perseverance and commitment.

FacePhi was born in 2012 with 5 workers and, today, it has a multidisciplinary teamâ ?? ¯ of more than 170 professionals whoâ ?? ¯ bet on a daily projectâ ?? ¯novento, developed in-houseâ ?? ¯ and of international reach.â ?? ¯With Headquartered in Spain, a subsidiary in South Korea and a support team in Uruguay, the company is characterized by bringing innovation to all the sectors to which it contributes its technology, such as Caixabank, which became the first entity in the world to allow its customers to operate at its ATMs by means of facial recognition. It is this same efficiency and transformation that also extends to its human resource management.

“As a technology company We have the obligation to innovate and offer the best and safest solutions to our clients, that is why we consider it necessary to provide this same innovation and quality to our workers. The Covid-19 pandemic made us implement measures that are still in force, such as teleworking, and its good results show that flexibility is not synonymous with lower performance, but rather that the trust placed in our employees has been reciprocated ” , says Javier Mira, President and CEO of FacePhi.

“For FacePhi, the human team is the core of the entire business, that is why we are sure that, With the implementation of this reduction in the working week, beyond increasing performance, and therefore productivity and business, we will be able to retain our current employees and attract new talent that helps to reinforce our international expansion ”, adds Magdalena Beltrá, People and Culture Director of FacePhi.

In parallel to the decision to launch this reduced workweek, the company will seek to participate in the project that the government of the Valencian Community plans to present and with which it will become the first Spanish region to establish the four-day work week. This call offers financial aid to selected companies, â ?? ¯ focused on facilitating this job transition.

With this advance FacePhi consolidates as a pioneer company, not only in the technology sector but also in the workplace, providing its employees with a cutting-edge work experience.


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