Saturday, August 13

Google will fire employees who don’t get vaccinated

Google has communicated to its employees that they will lose their pays and will eventually be fired if they don’t follow the rules on vaccination Covid, as reported by CNBC, citing internal documents.

In a document issued by Google management, employees were urged to declare before December 3 if they had been vaccinated and provide the documentation that proves it. It also requires proof of health or religious circumstances that make immunization impossible.

Google assured that, after that date, it would contact the workers who had not been vaccinated, with those who had not provided the necessary accreditation and with those who had not been approved the exemptions to be vaccinated, according to the information of the CNBC.

Limit, January 18

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Employees who have not caught up Before January 18, they will be suspended from salary for one month or fired for a period of at least six months. Some may be permanently fired.

Google has refused to answer the information from CNBC, although it reiterated its commitment to vaccinating its workforce.

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