Sunday, August 14

Redexis rearranges its leadership, with Fernando Bergasa as non-executive president, and appoints Fidel López Soria CEO

Redexis, a leading company in the sector of energy infrastructures, announced this Wednesday the reorganization of its executive leadership. The Board of Directors has approved the new structure of the leadership, Fernando Bergasa becoming non-executive president, Fidel López Soria, new CEO Y Cristina Ávila “senior advisor” of the Board of Directors.

Fernando Bergasa and Cristina Ávila, Redexis top managers since 2011, communicated to the Board of Directors in the spring of this year your intention to abandon your executive functions, which has led to an orderly and agreed reorganization process.

The Redexis Board of Directors, -composed of the USS, ATP and CNIC / GT Fund funds that each have 33.3% of the company-, “greatly thanks Fernando Bergasa and Cristina Ávila for all the work done, wishing both executives success in the new professional project they have ahead and is satisfied with this reorganization process that will give continuity to the company with the permanence of Fernando Bergasa as non-executive president and the incorporation as first executive of Fidel López Soria.

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”Fidel López Soria has joined Redexis after serving as CEO of Ferrovial Servicios since 2018. He joined Ferrovial in 2007, developing his duties in the Services and Airports divisions. In Services, he has been CEO of Broadspectrum, Director of Development of the division and member of the boards of Amey, Tube Lines and Swissport. At Airports, he has been a director of HAH Y AGS, Commercial Director of Heathrow and Director of Airports of BAA. Before Ferrovial, I work in McKinsey Y Enel. He is a Mining Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the École Nationale Superieure des Mines in Paris. MBA from MIT-Sloan School of Management.

Redexis is dedicated to the development and operation of natural gas transportation and distribution networks, the distribution and commercialization of liquefied petroleum gas and the promotion of renewable infrastructures such as hydrogen, renewable gases or photovoltaic solar energy. In the last eleven years Redexis has invested more than 1,500 million euros in Spain, achieving almost tripling the EBITDA from 65 million euros in 2010 to 180 million euros forecast for the end of 2021, doubling the number of customers from 365,000 to more than 750,000, multiplying by 2.5 the number of kilometers, from 4,725 kilometers to 11,899 kilometers in 12 autonomous communities and 963 Spanish municipalities and quintuple the energy distributed to 37 TWh. In addition, Redexis is deploying sustainable infrastructures including mobility with natural gas and photovoltaic solar energy installations for self-consumption, and participates in various pioneering projects in green hydrogen and renewable gases.

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