Sunday, August 14

The ultras are them



Although ‘the 6 of Zaragoza’ is a title with heroic and Galdosian evocations, it was really the one used by the parliamentary group of United We Can to name a day that yesterday tarnished the dignity and good name of the Congress of Deputies. The such ‘6’ are a group of far-left criminals who were convicted of various crimes of attack, injuries and disorders committed in the Aragonese capital with the excuse of busting an act of Vox. That the extreme left partner of Pedro Sánchez likes violence is something that is not new. He supported Rodrigo Lanza, convicted of the murder of Víctor Laínez, a citizen with dangerous suspenders of the Spanish flag. He has defended his own leaders, convicted of attacks on the police, such as Isabel Serra and Alberto Rodríguez, disqualified from public office for that reason, for criminals.

It is complacent with the harassment of center-right politicians and children who want to study in Catalan and Spanish, and it is very explicit in recognizing in ETA a kind of anti-Franco vanguard. The logical thing is that they want to end the Citizen Security Law and report the Spanish police to the European institutions for demonstrating in the streets. Law and Police, two intolerable realities for these new ‘libertarians’ and false democrats.

Thus, the homage to ‘los 6 de Zaragoza’ is a self-portrait of the Spanish extreme left as what it is, a populist, anti-system, authoritarian and anti-democratic movement that induces, protects and apologizes for violence against political adversaries, turned into delegitimized and disenfranchised enemies. It is enough to review the ‘panel’ of those attending the conference: families of the condemned; Isabel Serra and Alberto Cubero, communist who encouraged to “hang” -textually- the King; the mother of one of Alsasua’s thugs who attacked some civil guards and their girlfriends; and, of course, representatives of ERC, EH Bildu and the CUP, among others. The racket had no other purpose than to organize an attack on the Justice and Police, identified as manufacturers of false evidence, unjust convictions and ideological persecution. They are the “offended” by the operation of the rule of law, who then cheer without shame at the worst Ibero-American dictatorships.

This unruly left is becoming dangerously normal and predictable, which believes that violence is only legitimate if it is practiced by itself, and as long as the right suffers it. What is neither normal nor foreseeable is that the PSOE, on the one hand, and the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, on the other, have facilitated this desecration of the Lower House for an act outside the parliamentary functions and aimed at denigrate judges and policemen. The PSOE coalition with United We Can, with the rest of the extremist arc and with nationalism, is infiltrating the populist poison in the State. The house of popular sovereignty, where a tribute to Blanquerna’s ultras assailants would never be allowed, cannot be vexed in this way and everything remains the same. The responsibility for this to happen is direct from the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez, sellers of the dignity of the State to the highest bidder.

Ultras and fascists are those who want to subject the State to their ideology, those who defend violence as a political weapon, those who have no adversaries, but enemies, and those who see in the laws a liberal artifact to stop the assault on institutions. The ultras are like ‘the 6 from Zaragoza’, fanatical and violent. And criminals who only deserve the Penal Code, no matter how much they want to be whitewashed in Congress.

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