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Video: The romantic marriage proposal of singer María Isabel




It was at the end of last July when, after 17 years, Maria Isabel (26 years old) announced his decision to leave music. Through her Instagram account, the singer explained the reasons: «I’m leaving, I’m leaving music, I’m leaving everything that I once loved but that today being in the industry is very difficult for me. And it’s hard, and it makes me angry … and even more so because I’ve never stopped fighting. I suffer from anxiety and it is difficult to deal with it (…) It is time to meditate, to think, to work hard … and may God decide the path! I love you, “he confessed.

This week, the famous interpreter of ‘Before dead than simple’ has used the same social network to, this time, give good news: her commitment to her boyfriend Juan Marchena.

«And I am leaving behind a 2021 full of emotions … a 2021 that has given me one of the most beautiful moments of my life and today I share it with you … The most special moment of our trip to Maldives. I have said yes! Yes to waking up every day of my life by his side … Yes to being able to understand each other with just one look … Yes to the hugs that recharge you with beautiful energy … Yes to being able to see each of the sunsets with him … Yes to dancing all one night and not get home until the next day giggling over anecdotes from that night. Yes to travel the world with his hand. Yes to lean on each other when we need it most… Yes to our calls and messages that make us smile when we are far away… ».

«Yes to our daily nonsense. Yes to brushing my feet with his when sleeping because I know they are cold and he hates it. Yes to the coffee that he makes me every morning before he goes to work. Yes, I ended up taking off the sheet while sleeping. Yes to everything but with you, because if I want to marry you and if I want be with you the rest of our lives if God allows it. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED ”, he has written next to a video in which the couple appears on a beach in the Maldives islands enjoying a dinner on the beach watching the sunset, just before proposing to marry him.

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