Sunday, August 14

Xiaomi presents Mi TV +, a free channel service that confirms the overwhelming success of linear and live television

What at first, with the arrival of Pluto TV, seemed like an eccentricity, has soon become a trend in which major brands are rising with very different proposals and with the striking “free” label clearly visible. Since October 2020, when Pluto TV arrived, we have seen platforms such as Rlaxx, Tivify Free, or as Rakuten he opened part of his catalog at no cost. The live content, which seemed like it was going to be overwhelmed by the possibilities of streaming, not only has not died, but has been transformed through new broadcast channels such as Twitch.

The new proposal in this field comes from the hands of Xiaomi, a company famous for its mobiles but which seems determined to give a push to other business areas, such as its televisions. It is in its models (and only on television, not on mobile devices) that Mi TV + will arrive throughout 2022, a live channel service that some owners of the brand’s devices already have in trial mode in order to provide feedback to the company.

Neither registration nor subscription

As other TV brands do, such as Samsung and its TV Plus or LG with Channels, You will not need any type of registration or subscription to enjoy the around 60 channels of which the service will have. In the current trial mode there are 63 channels that fall into the following categories: News, Lifestyle, Sports, Fun, Comedy, Science, Cinema, Crime and a selection of the most popular.

Our colleagues from Genbeta have been able to test the service in this test mode and they tell us how to access it: the “Mi” button on the remote control leads to an access to the download of the new Mi TV + app. In this way, the timelines of the different channels are accessed, which can only be viewed live., and that are mostly in English, since Xiaomi is still working on adapting to the Spanish market, as confirmed by the company.

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