Sunday, August 14

Astorga, Saturday night



All very strange. An apparently common fact, unfortunately, holds many suspicions and conjectures that the aforementioned authorities should clarify so that the ball of rumor does not become big, clamor, and perhaps leave the malpractice of some exposed and that they are now trying to confuse.

Last Saturday morning, a vehicle drove past the pedestrian railings on Avenida Mártires de Somiedo in Astorga. Two witnesses. Nothing else is known that it was a certain brand and color of the vehicle. On the same Monday, the city council works services are diligent to fix the mess. The names, the witnesses begin to speak. But there is no apparent complaint. The Astorgan Popular Party requests official information. From

now, to wait for legal deadlines. Five days. Again another surprise. That same night that or another vehicle that accompanied the one in the first incident crashed into a van parked in a nearby Astorgana street.

Much coincidence. Again another witness. And a Local Police that, according to the complaint filed with the National Police, which twice recommended not to report for not knowing who caused the damage or to go to Court. Rare attitude shown in the official letter. Something is wrong. The guesswork in a small place like Astorga is skyrocketing.

Call to the press. Pressures Everything written is verified. What is not written has no responsibility whatsoever, the journalist from the provinces. The National Police comes into play. The subject seems to want to be covered by something or someone. If everything is correct and it is a coincidence it must be clarified. And if someone does not know how to have fun without drinking, they should not take a vehicle or face the consequences. In these cases, what is not said but is known is worse, because in the end the reality always comes to light. Either officially, through the media or through word of mouth. The journalists are notaries of the present time and from here be it in Astorga or Quintanilla de Onésimo (a great wine-producing town by the way) the society demands light and stenographers of what happened last Saturday night in Astorga.

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