Sunday, August 14

Ayuso warns Vox that they will not “lead him with the halter” to repeal the LGTBI laws




The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has denounced the “profound deficiencies” of the equality law that Vox has presented today in the Madrid Assembly for its consideration, and with which it tries to repeal the laws LGTBI approved by the Government of Cristina Cifuentes placeholder image.

The abstention of the Popular Group will prevent the processing of the Draft Law for the formation of Abascal. On this initiative, Ayuso has assured this morning in the control session to the Government, in response to a question from Rocío Monasterio that “the ways in which you bring things here are not appropriate: neither offending, nor leading the others by the lead because we are 65 seats.

In a democracy you have to represent the citizens and respect that proportion ”.

The president has insisted in which “they bring a law, which is supposed to be for equality, and they try to impose it with a parliamentary minority in which they have not even sought consensus with us. I do not know how many times we have already told you that these laws do not consider that they have to be eliminated, but that they can be improved.

In his opinion, “they have tried to shoehorn, at a very delicate moment for everyone, that Madrid needs stability and coexistence and we can change things, but not by throwing the laws at our heads, neither one nor the other. We are not on lists of fascists to be singled out as the ultra-left does with those flags, nor do we have to try to be subdued by a law that, by a law that had profound deficiencies. They even told me about a regional police force, which we do not have, it gets involved in many questions that are unnecessary. Equality is not imposed by a law if it is disastrous or at least not articulated.

The Vox spokeswoman, Rocío MonasteryHe had reproached him for “not defending freedom for all, but privileges for some, of whom you are afraid. And since you are afraid of them, as soon as they tell you that they are going to take away your rights, you take a little step back in fear and tell them ‘no, no, I am not going to repeal the laws. The same thing always happens to you, they say a lot of communism and freedom, but when they really have to fight against totalitarianism, they do not remain dumb, silent, cowed and looking at the ground as their deputies are.

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